Walmart Price Match Policy: The Detailed Process

The Walmart Price Match Policy is a customer-friendly policy that allows customers to get the same price on an item they find cheaper. Walmart’s price match policy also applies to online retailers, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on special deals.

But, to know the detailed process of price match, please start reading this article:

Does Walmart Offers Price Match on Items?

Yes,’s online store price matches its competitors. But, Walmart Store only price matches its products on

If you find an item from its competitors with a lower price than, you should contact Walmart Customer Care with proof of the price you have found on its competitor, and they will sell you at the lower price. Please read on to find out the details of Walmart’s competitors.

How Walmart’s Price Match Policy Works? carries an extensive assortment of consumer goods, including groceries, clothing, electronics, etc. If you find a product cheaper at another store than, you can use price matching to save money. In addition, offers nationwide price matching so that you can get the product for the same or even lower price.

What are the Criteria?

So like many other stores, offers price matching, and to know if the items you want to buy are eligible for a price match, you need to check for the following:

  • The first thing in the criteria is; the item must be identical. For example, It must be the same, having the same color, model, brand, size, and quantity.
  • The product should be sold on by an authorized reseller or partner and not through other channels like eBay or other third-party retailers.
  • doesn’t offer rain-checks for those items that aren’t currently in stock.
  • Walmart price matches one item a day for a customer. However, this rule doesn’t apply to New Mexico, and they can price match as many items they want to as far as they are not planning to resell those items at higher prices.

Price Match Process:’s (the Walmart online site) price matches its online competitors. However, you should know that Walmart Store, the brick-and-mortar store, doesn’t price match its competitors. Instead, they price matches its online store only. Here is the process on how to request a price match on

If you find an item that has a low price at Walmart’s competitor, you can apply price match by using the following methods:

1. You can contact Walmart Customer Care by calling them at 1-800-925-6278 or sending them an email before placing your order. This will ensure that a particular product on its competitor’s store is eligible for the Price Match.

2. It is up to if the item can be price matched or not. Walmart will inform you if your product is eligible.

3. Walmart reserves the right to change its policies at any time, limiting its purchase quantities. And they will only let one person get the price match per day per item for a family.

Walmart’s Price Match Exclusions:

There is price match exclusion on some circumstances like:

  • Any item you purchase from and later the price decrease will not be eligible for price match.
  • Any prices on behalf of Marketplace or third-party sellers wouldn’t be price matched.
  • Any items with prices having a minimum requirement of purchasing the items aren’t eligible.
  • If the items are damaged or used wouldn’t be considered for this.
  • Any prices which result in pickup discounts will not be eligible for price match.
  • Other exclusions are price errors and in-store prices.
  • Stores in Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from the price match policy. Prices in those states are higher, so stores wouldn’t want to price match the items if these are lower in their competitors’ list.
  • There are many other offers that excludes from its price match policy, such as offers like; mail-in rebates or financing items. Other than that, the discount offers are also excluded from their price matching.

What are Walmart’s Price Match Competitors?

Walmart Price Match Policy has a list of retailers who are eligible for price matching with The alphabetic list would make it easier for you to read. Here is the list:

So, if your item is not purchased from the stores from the above list, it wouldn’t be eligible for the price match.

But if the item purchased is from the list of these competitors, you can claim a price match.

Walmart’s Price Adjustment Policy:

The price adjustment policy works like this: If you purchase an item from a store, you will get a refund for the price difference later if the price is reduced. However, Walmart doesn’t have a price adjustment policy, and you can read it further here.

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you further:

Does have Price Adjustment Policy?

If you purchase any item from Walmart and later if the price gets lower at Walmart or their competitors, you don’t get a refund or price adjustment. So in other words, Walmart doesn’t offer price adjustments.

Are Holidays included in the price match policy?

No! Price on holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Week, the items are not price matched. These are excluded from the price match.

Can reject any eligible price matching products? has the right to accept or reject any price matching requests, as the final decision will be theirs based on their policies.

Do 1-Hour Guarantee Items [not] come with online price matching?

No, these items can’t be price matched.

Summary of this Article:

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of the Walmart Price Match Policy and its benefit. However, if there’s anything else that still isn’t clear for you, please let us know in the comments section below!

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