AutoZone Price Match Policy: What is it and How Does it Work?

In this blog post, we will discuss Autozone’s price matching policy and what it includes. Autozone is a national auto parts retailer that offers in-store purchases with an official corporate policy of not having online competitors.

However, some store managers are willing to match other stores’ prices, such as RockAuto, for online orders.

We have more details on the Autozone price match policy below.

Does AutoZone Offer a Price Match?

Yes. But AutoZone’s price match is quite different from its competitors or other manufacturers. Such as they only price match in-store items but not online items. Other than that, they also do not price match their online competitors. But it is an exception; some store managers are willing to price match items of online stores like RockAuto. So, in other words, they mainly price match in-store items but not online stores.

To price match, you should bring proof of lower price at the competitor. But you can also make a phone call before visiting their store. 

Does AutoZone Price match Online Competitors?

They do not offer online competitor’s price matches except RockAuto.

What is AutoZone Price Adjustment Policy?

Price adjustment is different than price match. In price matching, if you purchase an item from a store and later if their price or their competitor’s price gets lower, you get a discount as a refund, but partial depending on the price difference.

But, AutoZone doesn’t offer price adjustment as they clearly say they do not adjust prices on prior purchases.

How Can you get a Price Match at AutoZone?

Price match saves you money, and by looking at some competitors, you can figure out which ones have the lowest price so you can get contact AutoZone. The AutoZone price matches other auto parts retailers in your area. That includes their major competitors like NAPA Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

They do not offer price matching with online stores like except RockAuto. You can call and ask them if they will match, but the official policy does not include that possibility.

Bring in proof from another store showing an identical product for cheaper than what you are willing to purchase from AutoZone so that they can price match for you.

AutoZone has some rules, and depending on these, they will decide if your item can be price matched or not. In other words, they can accept or reject your request.

Price Match Exclusions:

It is important to understand exclusions because if you aren’t sure what AutoZone doesn’t allow for a price match, you can waste your time. If you go for a price match to AutoZone’s store without knowing their exclusions, they may tell you their policies, and you end up going for nothing. Here are some exclusions AutoZone has for price matching:

  • As explained earlier, AutoZone doesn’t price match online retailers but is done at their local store.
  • Their competitors’ list is limited to big ones such as O’Reilly Auto Parts and NAPA Auto Parts.
  • To price-match proof is required; without one, they wouldn’t price match for you.

AutoZone’s Price Match Competitors:

AutoZone has a few competitors for the price match:

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts.
  • NAPA Auto Parts.

Other than that, AutoZone doesn’t price match with online stores like Amazon. However, they do have a great selection of quality auto parts and accessories at low prices.

How to Benefit from Price Match?

As many stores offer a price match policy, it is worth taking the time to find out if you will benefit. So, customers can benefit by looking at different stores and prices, such as when these change. For example, if you want to buy some Auto Parts but don’t want to spend too much than its price. So what you would do is, you will take a look at different stores and find out which store sells it for a lower price.

Once you find out, you should look for what store is nearest to you (the store must be the price match competitor you want to purchase to become eligible for a price match).

Then you will have to bring proof of the lower price of an item from their local competitor store and show it in front of them. This way they’ll be able to match your price for an item you want!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions and answers about AutoZone’s price match policy:

1. Does AutoZone price match online retailers?

Due to their competitive pricing, this store is a great place for shopping. They have select competitors that they price match, and not every competitor can be matched but those who are eligible, such as the ones given in this article.

2. Does AutoZone provide price adjustment?

Autozone is the go-to store for all your automotive needs but they don’t offer price adjustments as an option as so many other retail stores do!

3. Does AutoZone Price Match Stores like Walmart?

Auto Zone price matches car parts dealers such as O’Reilly or Advanced Auto Parts while not matching Walmart for pricing.

Summary of this Article:

Price match is a great way to save money, but you would have to look at different stores for the same product before making a purchase. This can take some time but saves you some money at the same time. So, what did you learn from this article is; AutoZone does price match their selected competitors but with their in-store products. Autozone doesn’t adjust the price of its products. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments.


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  1. Autozone does not have competitive prices. They charge in some cases 3 times what i can get parts for from rockauto. I’m always arguing about their price matching practices. They price match one day and another day they dont. I’m constantly calling their district manager with no reply and no resolution


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