Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy: In-Store and Online Policies

If you’re an Advance Auto Parts customer, you may be interested in the Advance Auto Parts price match policy. AAP will match any competitor’s advertised prices for identical products with Advance’s everyday low prices. Advance Auto Parts is a provider of American aftermarket automotive parts. In this article, you will learn how Advance Auto Parts price match works.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. If you find an item at its competitor’s store or website, the item should be available at the competitor’s store at the time of price match. To request a price match, you should bring proof of the advertisement to their store.

Does Advance Auto Parts Price Match Online Websites?

Yes. But Advance Auto Parts will only price match online website prices if you want to price match online.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Advance Auto Parts?

Yes. If you purchase an item from Advance Auto Parts and their competitor has a lower price, they will refund you the difference.

Price Match Criteria:

To request a price match at Advance Auto Parts, you should follow these criteria:

  • The item you want to request a price match for should be identical and a substantially comparable item. The size, color, and quality should be the same.
  • Make sure the price of an item is valid at the competitor’s store or website. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be price matched.
  • A team member at AAP must verify the item.
  • Advance Auto Parts will price match their select competitors online, but the items should be available on the same day of purchasing.
  • If a product is available at in-store pickup at Advance Auto Parts, the competitor must have the same item on the same day pickup to be eligible for a price match.
  • Advance Auto Parts will match the price for the select competitors’ websites.

Price Match Process:

Advance Auto Parts price matches in-store and online items. But here is the process which helps you how to price match an item from its competitors:

For In-store Purchases:

  • If you want to price match in-store, you should make sure that their stores do not price match the online purchases, such as from the websites.
  • To price-match at the AAP store, you should bring the advertisement printout. It should be an actual printout, not the photocopies or the mobile versions of photos.

For Online Purchases:

Here is a step by step process to price match online, which I figured out by contacting their customer service:

You can give them the advance part number and competitor part link to cross-check to price-match online. They will set up the price match orders and pay there using debit/credit cards only. The price taken from competitors will be after adding the shipping cost, and such orders will not be eligible for further discounts as they are already cutting down the price.

Live Chat Process:

So, you have to contact their customer service by clicking on the “Contact Us” button.

When you visit their website between Monday-Saturday 8:30 am – 9:30 pm ET and Sunday 9:30 am – 6:00 pm ET, you will find a Chat button at the right bottom of the page.

You will usually be connected to their bot while using the Chat button. Ask the question and select the option:

Chat with an Agent,” and you will connect with a person at the helpdesk, and you can give them the information required, which is described above.


After you have learned about the price match process, here are some exclusions at Advance Auto Parts:

These items are not price matched:

  • Clearance
  • catalog
  • closeout
  • used
  • refurbished
  • damaged product
  • mail-in offers
  • instant rebates

These Memberships are excluded from the price match:

  • Paid membership club
  • Loyalty programs

In addition, these offers are also excluded:

Buy one, get one (without a retail price on the advertisement)

No Price Matching on Gift Cards:

Any competitor’s items that offer a gift card are excluded.

Price Adjustment Process:

Advance Auto Parts doesn’t have a page to describe its price adjustment policy. So I wondered how come?

I contacted their customer service and got this answer:

“No, we would not be able to do that; however, if you have purchased an item from Advance and if you find the Competitor has the same part with a lesser amount. Then, we would be able to adjust the order and refund the amount for you .”

I replied:

“so that does sound like a price adjustment.”

To what he replied:

“Yes, Is there anything else I can assist with today?”

There is a “Yes,” in the above answer by AAP’s customer service. So AAP has a price adjustment as an option. However, as it isn’t officially stated on their page, a process can’t be explained.

Advance Auto Parts Competitors’ List:

Once again, this also isn’t officially explained, so I contacted customer service at Advance Auto Parts for this.

Here is what did they reply:

“We price match with all competitors except eBay.”

So it means that they do not have specific competitors list, but they only do not price match the products sold on eBay.

Some Questions and Answers:

So you learned about the Advance Auto Parts price match and price adjustment policy. But you may still have some questions. So here are some questions and answers:

When was Advance Auto Parts Founded?

Advance Auto Parts was founded on April 29, 1932, in Roanoke, Virginia, United States.

What makes Advance Auto Parts so popular for cars?

Advance Auto Parts is the largest and most well-known auto parts company in America. Advance provides professional installers with high-quality replacement car parts of all brand names at affordable prices.

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Summary of the Article:

You can now be confident in your ability to price match! We hope that this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions, please leave them here, and we’ll try our best to answer as many of them as possible.

References: Advance Auto Parts Price Match Policy.

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