Nordstrom Price Match Policy: Save Money on Luxurious Items

When shopping for clothes, shoes, sunglasses, or other items, you don’t want to pay more than necessary. Many people have difficulty saving money because they’re not “shopping smart.” One way you can save while still getting the look of your dreams is with Nordstrom’s price match policy!

This article explains how to purchase at Nordstrom by using its price match policy. Other than that, you will also learn when and how to go for it.

Does Nordstrom have Price Match Policy?

Yes, Nordstrom does price match. And not even Nordstrom matches their competitors’ prices, Nordstrom online allows you to get an online price match when you shop on their website.

For a price match, you would have to bring proof to Nordstrom customer service and they will price match their item for you if it is the same and eligible item.

Does Nordstrom have Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, if you purchased an item at Nordstrom and they or one of their competitors lowers their price, you can get a refund as a price adjustment. But make sure that the eligibility requires the item to be shipped to you within the last 14 days of the shipment date.

How does Nordstrom’s Price Match Policy work?

Nordstrom’s price match works in two ways:

  • They price-match thousands of items on their website and display a limited-time price on selected items.
  • Another way is what you are looking for; is if you find an item at their competitors with a lower price, Nordstrom will price match that item for you.

What are the Criteria for Price Match?

Here are a few things which are required for a product to be included in the Nordstrom price match policy:

Item Should be Identical: Ensure the items are identical, which means they must be the same item. So, it must have the same color and size too. So If you see a lower price for an identical item, Nordstrom will price match it.

Availability of the Same Item: The item must be available at both stores, such as Nordstrom and its competitor. For example, you want to price match a dress, the same should be in stock at both stores.

How to Request a Price Match at Nordstrom?

So you have found an item at a lower price at Nordstrom’s competitor and want to know how to price match it on Nordstrom. To request a price match, here are some steps you can follow:

First, you should know that if your item is eligible, you can read the criteria above to see whether it is eligible or not.

Once you figure out an item you want to price match, a store associate at Nordstrom can help you with the price matching the item with the competitor to make things easy.

Here is their number you can call: 1.888.282.6060

or send them an email with your request: [email protected].

Let them know the price difference so that the store can proceed to your price match request.

It may take a while, but once your request for a price difference is approved, Nordstrom will reduce the price to the competitor’s, and it is that simple.

But one thing you have to know, Nordstrom reserves the right to accept or deny your request.

Price Match Exclusions:

There are different circumstances where price match works for the items. These vary from one product to another. Here are some:

1. Items Out of Stock – The items you want to request a price match at Nordstrom should be in stock. If items are not in stock at Nordstrom, it can’t price match that item.

2. Designer Items – The Designer Items at a discounted price specifically on a sale are excluded from the price match or price adjustments.

3. Special Sale – The items on a limited-time sale, Anniversary Sale, Beauty Deals, Daily, or Extra Savings, wouldn’t be considered in the price match policy.

4. Limited Sale – Items that are part of a Limited-Time Sale, Extra Savings, Anniversary Sale, Daily, or Beauty Deals won’t be matched.

6. Market Place – The third-party sellers, such as items from the marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Walmart, would also be excluded from Price Match.

Nordstrom Price Adjustment Process:

It is similar to a price match, but there is some difference. Here is how it works: Whenever you have purchased an item from Nordstrom and later figured out your recently purchased item has its price lowered on Nordstrom or its competitor, you can request the price adjustment within 14 days of purchase. However, it would be best if you also remembered that price match criteria also apply to it. Besides that, there is only one price adjustment for an item, which means you can’t claim one item more than once.

Nordstrom’s Selected Competitors:

This is also something you should make sure that not every store’s purchase is eligible for a price match at Nordstrom. There is a list of Nordstrom’s Selected Competitors that includes;

  • Amazon
  • Zappos
  • East Dane
  • Finish Line
  • Foot Locker
  • Mr. Porter
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Neiman Marcus
  • ShopBop
  • Net-A-Porter

Some F.A.Qs:

Does Nordstrom also price match Amazon products?

Yes, Nordstrom does price match Amazon products. However, you need to find out if your item is eligible. You can’t just give it away.

Are there any limitations on Nordstrom’s competitors?

These must be US-based competitors. Other than that, Nordstrom has announced their competitors’ list, which is given in this article.

Does Nordstrom have specific conditions for a price match?

Yes! The item should be the same as their competitors; for example, if there is one kind of shoes which you want to get the price matching or price adjustment at Nordstrom, then the shoes should be identical on both such as on Nordstrom store and their competitors.

Can I Get an Online Price Match?

Nordstrom store does the price match, even if you buy it using Nordstrom’s website.


If you don’t know what Nordstrom’s Price Match policy is, then let me tell you that it entails matching prices from other stores if their products are cheaper.

This is a great way to avoid the hassle of taking your items back and forth because No will do it for you. So, next time you see something at Nordstrom that you like but don’t want to pay too much, check with Nordstrom’s price match policy first.

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