Michaels Price Match Policy: Arts & Crafts Store’s Policies

Do you have Michaels near you? Michaels Stores, Inc. is one of North America’s largest providers of arts, crafts, framing, floral, and wall décor. They also provide over 2 million products for Makers and do-it-yourself home decorators! Michaels has always been about making it easy to create your style with their wide variety of products at affordable prices.

Does Michaels Offer a Price Match Policy?

Yes. Not only will they price match in-store items, but they will also beat it by 10%. If you find an identical item at a lower price at Michaels’ competitor, you should bring the printout of the ad or the photo to their store. They will price match for you after validating the item’s price.

Does Michael’s Price Match Online?

Yes. If you find out an item at Michaels’ competitor at a lower price, you can contact Michaels.com online and show them a digital advertisement you find. Michaels will price match the item for you once they verify the item.

Does Michaels Offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Michaels offers a price match policy. If you purchase an item from Michaels store or Michaels.com and later the price at their competitor is reduced, you can request a price adjustment. They will not only refund you the price difference but will also beat the price by 10%.

Price Match Criteria:

Like many other stores, Michaels also has a price match criteria. Here are their criteria:

  • The item should be identical, such as its model number, size, color and quantity should be the same as at the Michaels.
  • The price of the item listed and must be valid when requesting the price match. But Michaels reserves the right to verify the price and the availability of the requested item at its competitor’s store.
  • Michaels reserves the right to limit the quantities of identical items per customer.

Price Match Process:

Michaels store has a price match process. By learning the process, you can request a price match from them easily. Here is the price matching process:

For In-Store:

  • If you find an identical item at the competitor, you should bring the advertisement, photo, or printout to their store.
  • Once they verify and validate the price match request, they will price match the item for you and beat it by 10%.

For Online:

  • If you find an item at a lower price at the Michaels online eligible competitors, you should go to their website and use their chat option or phone number to request a price match.
  • To request a price match online, you should show them the digital advertisement of the competitor.
  • Once they verify the price and item, they will match the price for you and will give you a 10% discount to beat their price.


Exclusions are the items or deals which are not price matched. At Michaels, here are the exclusions:

  • The Michaels store doesn’t price match the items with volume or wholesale pricing, including membership-based retailed wholesalers.
  • The clearance items, closeout, special buy, reward club, used items, the damaged items, open package items, the pre-owned or refurbished items are not price matched.
  • These items are also not price matched:
  1. Items with pricing errors
  2. The typographical errors
  3. Offers with daily deals
  4. The offers related to coupons
  5. The gift card offers
  6. Rebates
  7. Mail-in offers

Price Adjustment Process:

The Michaels have a price adjustment process, but you should learn how their price adjustment works. Here is the process:

  • If you have purchased an item at Michaels or Michaels.com and found the identical item at their competitor at a lower price, you can request a price match within 7 days of your purchase.
  • It can either be done in-store or online.
  • For in-store, you can go to their store with a lower price proof, such as the advertisement or the photo.
  • Once they confirm if the item is eligible for the price match, they will adjust the price and give you a discount of 10% to beat their competitor’s price and give you the refund as the price difference.
  • But one thing you must make sure that the item must be identical in size, brand name, weight, quality, color, and model number of the item to be eligible for the price adjustment.

The Price Matching Competitors’ List:

Here are the eligible price match competitors of the Michaels store:

What makes Michaels.com popular?

Michaels.com is popular because they have a wide variety of products, and the Michaels store prices are competitive in all categories, including arts & crafts supplies for beginners to professionals.

You can find practically anything you want at their stores or websites that would help with your home projects, such as paintbrushes, frames, picture mats, wall hangings, etc. Michaels is also known for its tutorials and home decorating ideas/tips at Michaels.com.

Michaels has a huge selection of products that would interest anyone who likes to do crafts as a hobby or professionally. Michaels.com also has Michaels stores conveniently located all over the country, so it is easy to find a Michaels location near you when looking for craft supplies or Michaels store hours.

Some Questions and Answers:

So in this article, you learned about Michaels price match and price adjustment policy. But like anyone, you may have some questions. Here are some questions and answers to help you more:

When was Michaels founded?

Michaels was founded in 1973.

Why is Michaels popular?

Michaels is one of North America’s largest providers of arts, crafts, framing, floral and wall décor, and merchandise for Makers and do-it-yourself home decorators. Michaels has more than 1350 stores in the USA & Canada and their websites Michaels.com.

What Michaels’ price match competitors list?

Michaels price matches with the Michaels store, Michaels.com eligible competitors such as Acmoore.com, Amazon.com & other stores listed in their Michaels’ Price Match Competitors’ List.

Summary of this Article:

If you’re looking to make your shopping experience a little easier, then learning about Michaels’ price match and adjustments policies can be helpful. Asking for the price adjustment or matching it with another store’s pricing is easy when you know what information to provide. Also, if there are any questions that we didn’t answer in this article, please ask them below! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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