Mattress Firm Price Match Guarantee and Price Adjustment Policy

Mattress Firm Price Match is Mattress Firm’s way of making sure that customers are getting a fair deal. Mattress Firm has an unconditional price match guarantee which means that customers can purchase any mattress set. If they find a lower advertised price within 120 days, Mattress Firm will either give them the difference in cash or credit their card with the difference.

Why Should you Read This Article?

This article about price match has the accurate information you need. Sometimes, a manufacturer doesn’t have a price match policy described to a level to understand for a user.

How we collect this Information?

So, when possible, we do contact their customer service to get the answers you need related to their price match and price adjustment policy.

In other words, we do not depend on what other sites have to say but ask the manufacturer’s sales agents and other customer service agents to find out exactly how their price match policy works.

Does Mattress Firm Offer a Price Match?

Yes. They offer a price match, and you will have to bring proof of a lower price to request a price match at Mattress Firm. The price match they offer isn’t officially written on their website, so I had to contact their customer service, and they confirm that they price match their competitors (More on this later in this article).

Does Mattress Firm Price Matches Online?

Yes. They offer price match online, and you can contact their sales experts for this by call or chat.

Does Mattress Firm have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. Once you purchase an item from them, you have a total of 120 days to request a price adjustment if any competitor or Mattress Firm reduces the price of that exact item. Mattress Firm will refund 100% of the price difference.

Price Match Criteria:

Though they offer a price match, they do have some criteria for their policy. By knowing their criteria, you will be more confident in price matching an item with them. Here are some items that MattressFirm doesn’t price match:

The item should be the same or comparable.

That is all that we found on Mattress Firm’s page and their customer service. They do not have anything else in the Mattress Firm’s criteria.

Price Match Process:

The price match process at the MattressFirm is relatively easy to use. There are a few ways to request a price match at the Mattress Firm. Because the price match information wasn’t detailed that much, I contacted their customer service to know how their price match works.

Here is what their customer service told about their price match policy:

My Question: How price match works on the MattressFirm?

Their Reply: “Hello, if you have proof of this offer and if it is not a price locked item”

To that, I replied: what does this mean by price locked item

Their Reply: “Some items are price locked by the manufacturer, and the price cannot be adjusted”

So here is the process:

  • To request a price match, you should bring the advertisement as proof of lower price and show it at their store.
  • Once they validate and verify the ad, they will price match for you.
  • For online price match requests, you can either contact them by their phone number or chat option.
  • The Mattress Firm reserves the right to approve or cancel your request for a price match.


Here are several ways the item wouldn’t be price matched. Here are some exclusions:

  • The price match policy at the Mattress Firm doesn’t apply to the clearance items.
  • Other situations where price match isn’t applicable are:
  1. Rollbacks
  2. Rebates
  3. Promotional items
  4. The discontinued items
  5. Special purchases
  • The merchandise that is offered for sale on the auction sites is also not price matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

The MattressFirm has a reasonable price adjustment policy. That is 120 days, and now within this period, if you find out if the price lowers, the Mattress Firm will refund you the credit difference.

I think 120 days is a generous time for a retailer.

Here is the process:

  • So once you have figured out that the item you purchased has a lower price at the MattressFirm or its competitors, you can bring the purchase receipt to the Mattress Firm store or request the price adjustment online.
  • Once they price adjust that item for you, they will refund the difference to your account or give it by check.
  • If you want to request the price adjustment online, you can chat with them visit here, and selecting the chat button.
  • Or you can call them you can use this number: 1-877-365-6820

Mattress Firm’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Like any most famous retailer, MattressFirm also has price-matching competitors. Here are its competitors who are eligible for the price match:

By looking at their price match policy page, which they call “Low Price Guarantee,” there wasn’t enough information about their price match competitors.

So I contacted their customer support and got this reply:

“We will work to price match any advertised price from our competitors.”

So this means that they can price match any competitor for a price match or price adjustment. But it would be best if you also looked at their criteria and exclusions to make sure that you are price matching the correct item or a fair deal with them.

Some Questions and Answers:

So you learned about price match and price adjustment policies of Mattress Firm. But you may still have some questions. Here are some questions and answers to help you more:

Are Mattress Firm mattresses good quality?

The Mattress Firm mattresses are made of suitable quality materials, and they offer an extended warranty for them. Not only that, they are confident enough that they give the 120-day price adjustment guarantee, which not every manufacturer provides.

Does Mattress Firm offer free shipping to its customers?

Yes. They offer free shipping with their items.

What is their 120 Nights Sleep Trial?

They claim their mattress is of good quality, that they offer a 120 Nights Trial for their mattress. If you do not like the mattress within that period, they will happily replace it with a new one.

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Summary of this Article:

This article discussed Mattress Firm’s price match policy and how to take advantage of it. We also talked about their price adjustment policy, which is more complex but can be done if you know the right steps. If you still have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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