JB Hi-Fi Price Match and Return Policy

JB Hi-Fi is an Australia and New Zealand retailer of consumer electronics, home appliances, and entertainment products. It is a publicly listed company that operates over 200 stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company offers a price match policy to its customers. If you find any identical product at a lower price elsewhere, you can bring the proof to them. Likewise, JB Hi-Fi will match any competitor’s price.

Please continue to find out the JB Hi-Fi price match policy details.

JB Hi-Fi Price Match Policy

Does JB Hi-Fi offer a Price Match Policy In-Store?

Yes, JB Hi-Fi offers a price match policy in-store.

This policy is designed to give customers confidence that they are always getting the best deal when shopping at JB Hi-Fi and easily compare prices across different retailers.

If you find an identical product at a lower price elsewhere, you can bring proof of the lower price to any JB Hi-Fi store, and they will match the competitor’s price for you.

The product must be in stock and available for purchase at the other retailer to qualify for the price match. Some exclusions apply to clearance sales, special orders, or discontinued items.

Does JB Hi-Fi offer a Price Match Policy online?

Yes, JB Hi-Fi also offers a price match policy on their website.

Customers can easily compare prices across different retailers and find the best deals for the products they are interested in.

Chat with a team member on the JB Hi-Fi website or call their sales line open 7 days a week from 8 am to 9 pm AEST to qualify for the price match.

Please be ready to submit proof of the lower price, such as a screenshot or link to an online advertisement from another retailer. The product must be identical and also be available for purchase at that other retailer.

Overall, JB Hi-Fi’s price match policy makes it easy for customers to get the best deals on a wide range of products. So whether you’re shopping online or in-store, you can always have confidence that you’re getting the best possible price.

Does JB Hi-Fi have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Price adjustment is a policy designed to refund the difference in price if an item you purchased goes on sale within a certain timeframe after your purchase.

At JB Hi-Fi, they want you to feel confident in the price you paid for your products, so they offer a price adjustment policy on most items if prices go down within 14 days of your original purchase.

To request a price adjustment, simply bring your proof of purchase and receipt to any JB Hi-Fi store. The team member will be able to help you with the rest.

If the price of an item you ordered at JB Hi-Fi goes down after you ordered it, you will get a store credit, some free things, or a refund when you pick up the product.

Price Match Criteria

To qualify for the price match, the product must be identical and available for purchase at that other retailer. In addition, the competitor’s advertisement or web page must clearly show the product details, features, and pricing information.

Identical items mean products with the same manufacturer, model number, and features, such as year, size, and color. The product must be new and in stock and cannot be a clearance item, special order, or discontinued item.

JB Hi-Fi reserves the right to verify the price of the competitor’s advertised product and the availability of that product.

Price Match Process

Chat with a team member in-store or call their sales line at 13-52-44, open 7 days a week, 8 am – 9 pm AEST.

Provide the URL of the product on the competitor’s website, along with proof of the lower price.

JB Hi-Fi will match the price if the product is eligible for price matching.

What are the exclusions to JB Hi-Fi’s Price Match Policy?

There are some exceptions to JB Hi-Fi’s Price Match Policy, which are listed below:

  • Cashback offers and store credits
  • Bonus and bundled promotions
  • Coupon promotions
  • Grey or direct import products not sold through an authorized Australian reseller
  • Commercial orders
  • Members-only or subscription prices
  • Competitor clearance products
  • Products with limited or restricted quantities

JB Hi-Fi Refunds

The Australian Consumer Law and Your Rights

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a set of consumer protection laws that apply across Australia and set out the rights and obligations of consumers and businesses with the sale, supply, or repair of goods and services.

The ACL describes rights as automatically applicable whenever items or services are supplied to a consumer. They’re known as “Consumer Guarantees.”

While there is no specific time limit for Consumer Guarantees, they are generally valid for a reasonable period under the circumstances, such as the cost and quality of the product or any representations made.

Under these laws, customers have certain rights to refunds on purchases made at JB Hi-Fi. For example, if you purchase an item from JB Hi-Fi that is faulty or does not meet the advertised description, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement under the ACL.

Other situations where you may be eligible for refunds from JB Hi-Fi include if the product is not delivered on time as promised or if there has been a change in price after your order was placed.

JB Hi-Fi Refund and Warranty Policies

JB HI-FI will provide a refund, replacement, or repair following the JB Hi-Fi Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy set out in this document. This Policy only sets out the minimum periods within which JB HI-FI will offer you a refund, replacement, or repair, and your rights under the ACL may extend beyond these periods.

To obtain a refund or any other remedy, please visit your nearest JB Hi-Fi store or contact them. You will be required to provide proof of purchase from JB HI-FI. To obtain a refund or other remedy, you must demonstrate that your product is faulty and that the problem was not caused by your use or misuse of the product.

JB Hi-Fi Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy Guide

jb hifi warranty image
* source: JB Hi-Fi

Green period

The time limit varies by amount. For purchases under $1000, the limit is 3 months; for transactions valued over $1000, it’s 6 months.

  • If a customer’s product is determined to be faulty, the customer can request an exchange or refund at no cost.
  • If the product needs to be repaired, JB Hi-Fi will organize with the manufacturer to repair the product at the customer’s premises.
  • If the customer is not satisfied with this remedy, they can seek a remedy under Australian Consumer Law.

Orange period

The time limit varies by amount. For purchases:

  • <$500: 6-12 months
  • >$500 and <$1000: 6-24 months
  • >$1000 and < $2000: 6-24 months(A) or 6-30 months
  • >$4000: 6-42 months

JB HI-FI will determine whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame at no cost to the customer.

  • If it is determined that there is a major failure or minor defect and if the customer did not cause it, they could request repair free of charge by an approved manufacturer’s repairer.
  • If goods cannot be repaired within a reasonable time frame, customers can request that JB Hi-Fi replace their product with either a new or used product from the same brand with similar features.
  • The provisions under ACL may still provide an automatic replacement or full refund of the original purchase price in some circumstances.

Blue period

The time limit is beyond the Orange period above.

In short, if the product is faulty, you will NOT get a refund, an exchange, or have it repaired for free because it’s over at least 12 months (for purchases <$500), which is a reasonable time to expect a product to last.

However, you may still have the option to seek a remedy under Australian Consumer Law.

Does JB Hi-Fi Have A Change Of Mind Policy?

Yes, a change of mind policy is available on most products purchased from JB Hi-Fi. Their refund policy is designed to give you peace of mind when shopping with them.

If you have changed your mind about a product, provided it is unused and in its original packaging with all accessories included. Please bring your receipt or other proof of purchase back to any JB Hi-Fi store, and they will offer you a refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked!

Please note that their change of mind policy does not apply to commercial sales.

  • Unused & Unopened,
  • packaging in good condition (product not faulty)
  • 100% Refund
  • 30 Days
  • Exclude Commercial Sales

Does JB Hi-Fi Refund PC Games or Computer Software?

No, they do not refund computer software or PC games. They may assume you have installed, used, or copied the product and will not accept it as a return.

Please check that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game before you purchase it.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) does not give you the right to return goods because you have changed your mind or made the wrong decision about a product.

You may have a right to return goods if they are faulty, not as described, not fit for purpose, or otherwise not of merchantable quality, but this will vary depending on the individual circumstances.


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