Vitamin Shoppe Price Match Policy: How Price Matching Works at the Supplements Store

Vitamin Shoppe is one of the most popular vitamin stores in the United States. The store has a price match policy that they stand by, but you might not know what it’s all about. We’ll break down how Vitamin Shoppe price matching works and help you learn more about this.

This article explains Vitamin Shoppe’s price match and adjustment policies.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Offer a Price Match In-Store?

Yes. The Vitamin Shoppe offers a price match in-store. Once you find an identical item at their competitor and request a price match, they will review and verify the prices and price match if they are eligible for the price match.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. The Vitamin Shoppe offers a price matching online. After finding an identical item at the competitor at a lower price, you can request the price match before purchasing the item at The Vitamin Shoppe. The request can be made by chat or phone call.

Does The Vitamin Shoppe Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. There isn’t anything specified about the price adjustment policy on their website. For example, if you purchase anything from their store, there isn’t anything described for the price match policy.

I contacted their customer service to confirm it.

Here is what they say:

“No, we do not have a price adjustment policy”

Price Match Criteria:

The Vitamin Shoppe has a price match criteria, which means the item you want to request the price match should meet some requirements to be eligible for the price match. Here are the criteria:

  • The item you want to request a price match for should be the same at the competitor’s store.
  • The item must be available in stock at The Vitamin Shoppe and the competitor when requesting the price matching.

Price Match Process:

Any store that has the price matching policy mostly has the process to price match. The Vitamin Shoppe has a price match process that is easy to learn, but you must know the process. By understanding the process, you can easily request a price match by knowing their criteria and process. Here is the process:

In-Store Process:

  • If you find an eligible item at the competitor’s store or website, you can bring the advertisement as proof with you at The Vitamin Shoppe store and show them.
  • They will verify the prices and items at the competitor and will price match the item for you if it is eligible.

I contacted their customer service to know that how to request a price match in-store.

Here is what they replied:

“You would have to present to the store clerk the lower priced item. Please note that we can only price match regular prices. We do not price match sales or clearance items.”

Online Process:

  • To request the price match online, you should visit their website and contact them by Live Chat or their phone number.
  • Once you contact them, you should tell them about the item name and the links at the competitor.
  • Here is the link to their Live Chat.
  • Here is their phone number: (866) 293-3367.

After knowing their phone number, you should know that they are not available 24/7, but they have specific times. It is essential to know what times they are available for Chat or Phone Calls because if you contact them during the wrong time, they will tell you that they are unavailable.

Here are their times for availability:

Hours of operation:

Monday-Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm ET


There are some price matching exclusions at The Vitamin Shoppe. Which means they will not price match several items or deals. By learning about the exclusions, you would already know what items can be price matched at the Vitamin Shoppe. Here are the exclusions:

  • All the third-party sellers are excluded from the price match, for example, Walmart Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace, eBay, and Jet.
  • Promotional and sales prices at the competitors are excluded from the price match at The Vitamin Shoppe.
  • The Subscribe and Save pricing at Amazon is not price matched at The Vitamin Shoppe.

Price Adjustment Process:

After contacting their customer service, I came to know that there isn’t a price adjustment policy. So they do not adjust the prices after purchasing an item from them.

Vitamin Shoppe’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Almost any store with the price match and adjustment policies have specific competitors they price match with. The Vitamin Shoppe store has a price matching competitors list. So if you want to request a price match from them, you should make sure that the competitor is from the given list. Here is the list:

  • Vitamin Shoppe on Amazon
  • GNC
  • Lucky Vitamin
  • Vitacost
  • Whole Foods
  • Sprouts
  • Amazon (must be shipped and sold by Amazon)

Why is The Vitamin Shoppe popular?

They offer a wide variety of products at their store like supplements, vitamins, beauty items with competitive prices and deals.

The Vitamin Shoppe has a variety of vitamin and supplement brands at your fingertips. You can find anything from vitamin D to vitamin B12, multivitamins for adults or children, prenatal vitamins as well as pet formulas. They also have healthy food like flax seeds that may improve cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. While you’re there, you can find Vitamin Shoppe price match items as well.

Some Questions and Answers:

So in this article, you learned about The Vitamin Shoppe price match and adjustment policies. But like many people, you may still have some questions. Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

When was The Vitamin Shoppe founded?

The Vitamin Shoppe was founded in 1977.

How many stores The Vitamin Shoppe has?

The Vitamin Shoppe has 785 stores.

Who is the founder of The Vitamin Shoppe?

The founder of The Vitamin Shoppe is Jeffrey J. Horowitz.

Summary of this Article:

I hope this article has helped you understand a little more about how The Vitamin Shoppe works. If there’s anything else that you’re curious about, feel free to ask in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for reading our blog post on price adjustment policies at The Vitamin Shoppe.

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