Rebel Sport Price Match and Return Policy

Rebel is Australia’s favorite retailer for the most prominent sports brands at their best prices. Shop online or in-store, with a wide range of products available and excellent customer service to match!

Does Rebel Sport Offers Price Match In-Store

Yes. The Rebel Sport offers the price match in-store. To request a price match, you have to go to their Rebel Team Member in their store, bring the low price proof with you, and talk to them. Once they confirm the low price, they will price match for you.

Does Rebel Sport Offers Price Match Online

Yes. There are two ways you can request online price matching. One is you can chat with their team by using webchat. Another way is to call their number: 1300 654 502 and request a price match.

Does Rebel Sport Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. There isn’t any price adjustment policy at Rebel Sport. I contacted their customer service about their price adjustment policy.

Here is their answer:

“unfortunately we don’t do post sale price adjustment.”

Price Match Criteria:

Here are the price match criteria. This means you should know these things when requesting a price match:

  • The product must be the same as the one already on the market, and it must be in the same color, size, and type.
  • The product must be available to buy and get delivered within seven days.
  • They will match the price of a product if it is not part of a closing down sale, liquidation sale, offer for wholesale quantities, or as part of a commercial offer.
  • The product must be available to buy or sell in Australia.
  • The price of the product must be in Australian dollars. The final price includes any delivery or other fees associated with the purchase.

Here is their customer service answer to the Price Match Criteria:

“price match criteria, has to be identical product size, colour and available to shipped in 14 days etc.”

Price Match Process:

The price match process is straightforward. Here is the process:


If you want to request a price match at their store, you should take the low price proof and visit their store. Upon confirmation, they will price match for you.

I asked their customer service about their price match in-store.

Here is what they say:

“price match can be done in store and they will check the price match criteria and adjust the price at the register.”


To request the price match online, you can select that identical product. Then, at the checkout, you can contact their customer service, and they will match the price for you.

Another way is you can use their phone number: 1300 654 502 and call them to request the price match.

After asking their customer support about their online process, here is what they said:

“if price match is done online with us we create a coupon for you to apply in cart.”


The Rebel Sport doesn’t have any specified exclusions. This store sells sports equipment in Australia and NZ.

Rebel Sport Price Matching Competitors List:

They haven’t described their specific competitor’s list. This means they can price match almost any competitor for identical items around Australia and NZ.

Here is what their customer service said:

“no we don’t have a specific list but it has to be an Australia retailer with either a physical store or Australia website.”

Return Policy:

First of all, Change of mind replacements is not allowed.


If the items have the following situations, these can be returned:

  1. An item that has a fault.
  2. A wrongly described item.
  3. The shown to you is different from the item you receive.

However, there is an exception. Such as if you are not happy with your product, you can visit their store and return the product, and their team will replace it with a gift card, but the product should be in its original form, along with the proof of purchase.

Other than that, you can let them know if you aren’t satisfied with the product you have received from them.

Return Expenses:

Anything you have to return would be on your expenses, such as paying for the item returning charges.

But not the expenses are on you. Such as if it was an online purchase, Rebel Sport will pay for the return expenses if the item meets their criteria. The item should be under 20kg.

Some Products need to be Assessed:

Some specific products need to be assessed to determine whether or not these can be repaired, replaced or a refund can be given. The assessment items include:

  • The cricket bats, tennis racquets, and other similar items need to be looked at before returning.
  • Electrical products need to be assessed before they can be returned or refunded.
  • The clothing, compression garments, and footwear need to be examined before returning.
  • Treadmills, exercise bikes, and other heavy things need to be looked at by Rebel Sport before they can be returned.


There are some exclusions in the return policy. Such as some items that can’t be returned or replaced:

  • Some excluded from the return policy are items that have been changed significantly. Such as clothing that has been adjusted or exercise equipment that has been put together.
  • The misuse of the product, such as using it contrary to the user instructions or packaging labels, is not replaced or returned.
  • Products returned because the customer has changed their mind are not eligible for a return or replacement.

Bulky Product Returns:

Rebel Sport will send their technicians to your home if you have bulky machines, such as treadmills or exercise bikes. So they will inspect these machines at your site.

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about the Rebel Sport Price Match Policy:

When was Rebel Sport founded?

The Rebel Sport was founded in 1985.

Who owns the Rebel Sport?

The Super Retail Group owns Rebel Sport.

Summary of this Article:

Rebel Sport is a retailer in Australia and NZ that sells sports equipment. They have a price matching policy that allows customers to match any competitor’s price for identical items. However, there are some exclusions, such as items that have been changed in a big way or products misused. Returns are on the customer’s expenses, except for online purchases where Rebel Sport will pay for the return expenses if the item meets their criteria. Some products need to be assessed before returning them.

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