AO Price Match Policy and Return Policy

AO is a retailer that mainly operates in the UK and Germany. It sells appliances online, and it is an online-only retailer.

With Mums in mind, AO focuses on making the decisions that make them proud. It’s important to have backup items. For example, if you’re buying a TV, there are always other TVs for you to pick from.

Here you will learn about its price match and adjustment policies.

The Product on the competitor site and AO site must be identical.

In-store deals are not price matched.

Does AO Offers Price Match In-Store

No. AO is an online store, so they don’t have stores.

Does AO Offers Price Match Online

Yes. AO offers price matches online, and you will learn its process in this article.

Does AO Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They have a seven days price adjustment policy. But how it works, you will learn later in this article.

Price Match Criteria:

Here are the price match criteria:

  • When they match the price, they match the cost of the Product, including its shipping costs.
  • Only retailers in the UK that are selling the UK products are price matched.
  • The Product must be available for order and shipping on the same day.

Price Match Process:

Since it is an online store, the price match process is simple. Here is how to price match works at the AO:

  • If you found a product at their competitor, you should contact the AO’s customer service by live chat with them or calling their number: 0161 470 1100.
  • Once they make sure the item is eligible for the price match, they will match the price for you.


Here are the exclusions for price match:

  • They price-match UK-only retailers. All other retailers are excluded.
  • TV/Entertainment products are excluded from the price match policy.
  • The AO is an online retailer. The in-store items are not price matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

Here is how their price adjustment process works:

Once you purchase a product at the AO’s competitor and later within seven days its one of the competitors has a low price, you can contact AO for the price adjustment. Once they approve the price adjustment, you will receive a refund as a price difference.

AO Price Matching Competitors List:

The AO doesn’t have a specific list of competitors, and it should be a UK retailer that sells UK stores to request a price match at the AO.

Returns Policy:

They have an awesome 100-day free return policy.

That means if you return your item as new, the AO will refund your 100% costs, including the shipping costs.

If you return as used, you can still get a 50% refund of the price.

To return a product, go to login and click on the Return Order option.

If you doesn’t have an account with them, you can create an account with them.

How do Returns Work:

If you want to drop the item at their store, you can do it in the thousands of stores in the UK.

They will email you a label when you want to register your return. You have to print the label and attach it to the Product. But if you don’t have a printer, you can still return your Product. For doing this, you can return by using ASDA as your return location.

Once the return is confirmed, you will receive a refund within 14 days.

If the Product is faulty, you have to call them, and they will provide you with a solution.

Here are the sizes that can be dropped at the shop:

Small: 10 Kg.

Such as Laptop, kettle, and toaster.

Large: 20 Kg.

For example, a coffee machine.

Heavy: 25 Kg.

Cooker hoods, for example.

They Can Otherwise Collect for You:

If you think a product is too heavy to deliver, call them, and they will carry it from you.

If you don’t want to call them, the most effective way is to use My Account and request a return.

The things that can’t be exchanged:

Some items are excluded from the exchanges. Such as TV / Entertainment, Gardening, and DIY. However, you can use their live chat option to determine if the items are eligible for exchanges.

But if you find out that it can’t be exchanged, you can still return the item to get a refund.

The 100-day return policy

If you are not happy with a product, you can return it 100 days from when you ordered it. You will need to go to My Account and complete the form. When your order is canceled, any services that have already taken place will still happen, unless they were specifically canceled when you ordered the Product.

If the Product is used:

If you open up the Product, they can give you a full refund. If the Product is already used or installed, there are different rules. You can get a 50% of what you paid for it if used. If it was installed, then 14-day refund rules apply.

Returning a Gardening Product

If you use a gardening tool, make sure that you wrap it in a box before sending it back to AO. It’s best if the tool is not used before you send it. And if there are batteries, take them out of the tool and put them in another box.

Refunds on Bundles

If that is a bundle you want to, you must send all the items. If you send any missing items, you get a partial refund.

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these AO Price Match Policy:

When was the AO founded?

It was founded in 2000.

Where was AO Founded?

The AO is headquartered in Bolton, United Kingdom.

Summary of this Article:

AO is a UK-based retailer that offers price matching for products sold by other UK retailers. They also have a 100-day free return policy and will refund the full cost of the Product, including shipping, if the Product is returned as new. If the Product is used, they will refund 50% of the purchase price.

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