Bing Lee Price Match and Return Policy

Bing Lee is a privately-held Australian company specializing in electronics, computers, and telecommunication goods. Bing lee has 41 stores throughout New South Wales with $490 million total turnovers making it the most significant electrical retail business of its kind across all states!

Does Bing Lee Offers Price Match In-Store

Yes. The Bing Lee offers a price match in-store. So you would have brought and shown the low price proof at their store to request a price match. Once they confirm the low price, they will price match for you.

Does Bing Lee Offers Price Match Online

Yes. The Bing Lee offers price matches online. If you want to request the price match online, you have to go to their website:, but there are some criteria which you will learn later in this article.

Does Bing Lee Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. The Bing Lee doesn’t offer a price adjustment policy. Therefore, I contacted their customer service to ask if they have a price adjustment policy.

Here is what they said:

“Unfortunately we are unable to adjust past orders.”

Price Match Criteria:

Here are the price match criteria:

  • The first essential thing is, the business must be a registered Australian Business with an Australian Business Number, and it should also be registered for the GST.
  • Other criteria are that the business must have at least 2 Australian physical business locations in the Competitor’s name.
  • You can tell Bing Lee about the product. It would be best if you did that at the time of price matching.
  • You will need to find a product that is the same as the one they sell. It needs to be from the same company and have all the same things– like color, size, and the year it was made.
  • The product must be in stock with the Competitor to get the price match. The product cannot be on backorder.
  • The product must not be bundled with other products. If it is, then you can’t match the price.
  • The product must be in stock at Bing Lee and available at that store to price match.
  • The product must be available for purchase to get a price match right now. And if it is advertised online, it must be in stock and delivered right away.
  • The item must be verifiable by Bing Lee.

Price Match Process:

Here is the price match process:


To request a price match in-store, you should go with a proof of low price to their store. Once they confirm the lower price, they will match the price for you.


To request a price match online, you can chat with their team and request a price match.

Here is the link:

Another way to request a price match is by phone number: 1300 609 228.


Here are the price match exclusions:

  • Products that you get from using using using eBay or a different way of paying can’t be used for price matching.
  • Advertising errors are not considered for price matches.
  • Other than that, commercial quantities, delivery, installation, or handling charges are not included in the price match.
  • These are not price matched:
  1. Offers by the resellers.
  2. Classifieds.
  3. Auction sites.
  4. Paid membership programs or stores.
  5. Manufacturers.

Bing Lee Price Matching Competitors List:

There isn’t any specific competitors list at the Bing Lee. I contacted their customer service about this.

Here is what they said:

“We do not have a specific competitors list but as long as the retailer matches the requirements, we can price match on an item for you.”

Returns Policy

Australian Consumer Law

Bing Lee sells Goods. They are subject to specific laws, including the Australian Consumer Law. Sometimes, if there is a problem with your Goods, they may not help you fix it. This law is called the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund if the goods fail and do not work. You can also get money for other losses that the goods might cause you.

No Change of Mind Returns

You can’t simply return the products simply because of the change of mind, or you have a different decision about Bing Lee’s products and services.

Assessment of Goods for Return

Bing Lee has the right to assess the eligibility of goods for return, which includes the age and condition of the goods. But the customer should:

Bring the purchase proof from Bing Lee; they should provide the receipt or other transaction proofs.

Please note that it may be necessary for the people who manufactured the thing you bought to come and see what was wrong with it. If they do not, they will find out by asking them.

What Happens When Goods Are Accepted for Return?

Subjected to any obligation of the Bing Lee at law to the contrary, when the Bing Lee accepts Goods for return:

  • If you are not happy with your purchase, Bing Lee will fix the problem or replace it. They will do this within a reasonable amount of time.
  • A “major failure” is when a reasonable consumer would not have bought the goods if they knew about the problem. It would be best to refer to the ACL for more information.

What Happens After Your Goods Have Been Repaired?

Once your goods are repaired or replaced, the Bing Lee will contact you to make arrangements, so you receive these items. If there is a significant failure in the goods, the Bing Lee must pay for the goods by law.

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about the Bing Lee Price Match Policy:

When was Bing Lee founded?

It was founded in 1957.

Who owns the Bing Lee?

Bing Lee died in 1987, so Ken is the only owner and chairman.

Summary of this Article:

The Bing Lee company is a retailer in Australia that offers electronics, appliances, and home furnishings. If a customer finds a product at a lower price from another retailer, Bing Lee will match the price. However, some exclusions include products purchased from eBay, classified ads, auction sites, paid membership stores, or the manufacturer. Additionally, the customer must have the original receipt or other transaction proof. Finally, if there is a significant failure with the product, the Bing Lee company must pay for the good by law.

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