Musician’s Friend Price Match Policy: USA’s Music Equipment Retailer’s Policies

Musician’s Friend has been the musicians’ choice for music equipment for over 30 years. They have a price match policy that guarantees they will meet or beat competitors’ advertised sale prices on in-stock products.

This article explains the Musicians Friend’s price match and adjustment policies.

Does Musician’s Friend Offer a Price Match In-Store?

No. The Musician’s Friend doesn’t offer a price match in-store because it doesn’t have any retail stores.

Does Musician’s Friend Offer a Price Match Online?

Yes. The Musician’s Friend offers the price match online. If you find an item at the competitor’s website store at a lower price, you should contact the Musicians Friend’s customer service to request the price match.

Does Musician’s Friend Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. The Musician’s Friend offers a price adjustment policy. If you purchase an item from their store and later its price is reduced because of a sale, you can request the price adjustment within 45 days of the purchase.

Price Match Criteria:

Any manufacturer or retailer which has a price match policy usually has the price match criteria. The price match criteria mean that the item has to fulfill specific criteria to become eligible for the price match. Here are the price match criteria at this store:

  • The item must be identical.
  • The item must be in stock at the competitor’s store or website. It shouldn’t be out of stock.
  • The advertised items shouldn’t be old. These should be factory-sealed new products.
  • The items you want to request the price match for should be verifiable at the competitor’s store, website, local newspapers, catalog, or magazine.
  • The item should have the same color and size.

Price Match Process:

Almost every store that offers a price match has a price matching process. It is essential to learn the price match process so that you can request the price match easily. Here is the process:

  • The store is online and doesn’t have physical retailers. So you have to contact their phone number to request the price match.
  • Here is their phone number: 800-449-9128.
  • Once their customer service agents verify the item, they will price match the item for you.


Any retailer which offers a price match usually has some exclusions. When there are exclusions, it means that several items or deals are not price matched. Here are the exclusions at the Musician’s Friend:

  • These items and deals are not price matched:
  1. The financing offers.
  2. The bundling of items.
  3. The free items or the promotional items.
  4. The pricing errors.
  5. The rebates or other deferred savings offers.
  6. The limited quantity items or the out-of-stock items.
  7. The refurbished items.
  • These offers are not price matched:
  1. The exclusive models or demo models.
  2. The outlet center items.
  3. The discontinued or used merchandise is not price matched.

Price Adjustment Process:

The Musician’s Friend offers a price adjustment policy. If you purchase an item from this store, and later the price becomes lower because of a sale, you can request the price adjustment within 45 days of the purchase. But you should learn the price adjustment process. Here is the process:

  • To request the price adjustment, you should call their number: 800-449-9128.
  • When calling them, you should tell them the item’s name, the competitor, and the links.
  • Once their customer service agent verifies the item, they will refund the price difference as the price adjustment.

Musicians Friend’s Price Matching Competitors List:

Almost any manufacturer who offers the price match has the price matching competitors list. But the Musician’s Friends doesn’t have a specific competitors list. So, they say on their website:

The competitor should be an Authorized U.S. Dealer.

So if you want to request the price match, you should contact them but first, you should make sure that the competitor is a U.S. Authorized Dealer.

Why the Musician’s Friend is a popular store?

The musician’s friend is popular because they offer a wide selection of items, have competitive prices, and their customer service agents are always available to help.

They sell guitars, drums, keyboards, amplifiers, and accessories.

Musicians Friend is a popular store because musicians can find everything they need there. And the prices are very competitive too.

The musician’s friend also offers excellent customer service in person or over the phone call for any questions customers may have about their products or other issues with their orders. Customers should never hesitate to contact them if they feel like something has gone wrong or needs attention as Musician’s Friend will always be willing to help out in whatever way possible.

The Musician’s Friend has the Good Reputation

The Musician’s Friend has a very good reputation for being a reputable musicians store.

Their customer service is exceptional, and they offer competitive prices on their items as well. They also have an extensive inventory of musicians’ instruments, so musicians can find everything they need at the Musician’s Friend.

The only downside to shopping there is that it doesn’t always ship for free or drop-ship orders are often delayed due to them not wanting damaged goods back in stock. However, if you check with any major retailer about this type of thing then you’ll see that delays happen everywhere from time to time so all things considered I give my highest recommendation without reservation when it comes to purchasing musical equipment online through Musicians Friend!

Some Questions and Answers:

So in this article, you learned about the Musicians Friend’s price match and adjustment policies. But you may still have some questions. Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

When the Musician’s Friend was founded?

The Musician’s Friend was founded in 1983 by Rob and DeAnna Eastman.

Who owns the Musician’s Friend?

The Guitar Center is the parent company of the Musician’s Friend.

Summary of this Article:

Musicians Friend’s policies are designed to make your shopping experience easy and hassle-free. The price match policy is an excellent way for you to save money on a purchase even if the item isn’t available at a lower price elsewhere, while adjustments can be made with items that don’t fit or have other issues. If you still have any questions, please ask in the comments below!

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