Golf Town Price Match and Return Policy

At Golf Town Limited, they want to ensure you are informed, happy, and without pressure when shopping. Their staff work for free because they love golf. So if you have questions or need help finding something, ask one of the employees.

Does Golf Town Offers Price Match In-Store

Yes. They offer a price match in-store. Canada Golf Superstore sells good golf brands. They are the best in Canada. You can buy golf equipment at competitive prices. When you find a lower price on the same thing, they will match it for you.

Does Golf Town Offers Price Match Online

No. They do not offer price match online. It is specific to stores only.

Does Golf Town Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes. They offer a price adjustment policy.

If you buy something at Golf Town Limited and the price goes down within 30 days, they will give you the difference back. Some things don’t count, though. Such as Exclusions, which you will learn later in this article.

Price Match Criteria:

Here are the price match criteria:

  • The item must be identical at the Golf Town and its competitors.
  • It must be available for immediate purchase.
  • The item must be new with all the applicable accessories.
  • The Golf Town reserves the right to accept the price match.

Price Match Process:

The price match process is simple:

  • If you find a lower price at the Golf Town’s competitor, you should bring the lower price at the Golf Town store.
  • Upon confirmation, they will match the price for you.


Here are some exclusions:

  • The online prices are not price matched.
  • The promos, the special orders demo products, etc., are excluded from the price match.
  • Other items include trade-ins or preowned items, and third-party offers aren’t price matched.
  • These items are also excluded:
  • advertising errors
  • misprints
  • coupons
  • rebates
  • The gift cards
  • volume discounts
  • The close-out deals or clearance items
  • The liquidation sales etc

Price Adjustment Process:

The price adjustment process is valid when you purchase an item from the Golf Town and later the price is reduced at its competitors.

So you bring the proof of lower price at the Golf Town store within 30 days of purchase.

Upon confirmation, they will adjust the price and will refund the difference.

Golf Town Price Matching Competitors List:

They don’t have specific competitors, but the competitor should be the authorized Canadian retailer.

Returns Policy:

You can return the item and get a refund. You need to show the receipt to do this. For customer satisfaction, Golf Town and its associates will give money back or change an item if you are not happy with it.

If you have a receipt, you can get a refund or exchange your purchase within 30 days. If you don’t have a receipt, you can’t get anything back. You will get your money back the same way it was given to you when you made the purchase. Golf Town does not provide store credits. A returned item must be in its original packaging, unopened, and with all the original tags and tickets on it.

It must also be in new condition. If you are not happy with the purchase of socks, swimwear, or undergarments, we will not be able to do a return or exchange. This is because of health and hygiene reasons.

All other items have a Fair-Way Performance Guarantee. You can exchange the product for something similar or get a gift card if you have a gift receipt. However, gift cards are not able to be returned. To do a return or exchange, you will need to provide a valid identification piece with your name, address, and phone number.

Online Purchases

You can return or exchange anything you buy from within 30 days of the date it was shipped. You need to show a copy of your e-mail order confirmation and ID matching the shipping address.

Gift with Purchase

If you received a gift or bonus item when you bought your product, it must also be returned to qualify for a refund or exchange. If you don’t return the gift, we will subtract the current retail value of that item from the amount that you are refunded or exchanged.

“Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) Offers

The second one is free if you buy an item with a “BOGO” offer. But if you want to return it, then the discount on the other one will not be given back.


If you purchase a bundle of items, you can return or exchange any items separately. However, the item’s value will be based on how much it costs now, minus the discount you got when you bought the bundle. For example, if you paid for a bundle and got a 10% discount on each item, the refund for an individual item would be 10% less than the current retail price.

Custom Orders

If you buy an item and it does not work for you, you can return it in 30 days as long as all of the criteria are met. For golf clubs, six items must match for a return to be eligible.

Pre-Owned and “Demo” Golf Clubs

You can exchange the golf clubs you buy for other similar golf clubs if they are in the same condition as when you purchased them. You can do it within seven days of buying them.

Warranty Returns

You need the original receipt to start a warranty claim. If you get a new item or it is repaired, the warranty will not continue from when you get it back. You should check the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty for more information.

Some Questions and Answers:

Here are some questions and answers to help you more about these Golf Town Price Match Policy:

When was Golf Town founded?

It was founded in 1999.

Who owns the Golf Town?

The Fairfax owns the Golf Town.

Summary of this Article:

The Golf Town Price Match Policy allows customers to receive a refund or exchange for their purchase if they are not happy with it. The policy applies to items bought in-store or online and will enable returns within 30 days of the purchase date. Suppose the item is not in its original packaging, unopened, and has all of the original tags and tickets on it. In that case, it must also be in new condition to qualify for a return or exchange.


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