Barnes & Noble Price Match Policy: Does this Largest Bookseller Price Matches?

Most people love to read books. If you are one of them, you may be familiar with some of the biggest retailers like Barnes & Noble. But what if you found your favorite book somewhere and wanted to buy it from Barnes & Noble. Then you might wonder if BN offers price matches with their competitors? Find out more in this article.

Does Barnes & Noble offer a Price Match?

No. Because Barnes & Noble already sells books at too competitive prices for its consumers. Hence, they do not price match their competitors, so Barnes & Noble wouldn’t give you a discount on that if you find your favorite book elsewhere. But you can still save money at Barnes & Noble, and you will learn that in this article.

Does Barnes & Noble offer Price Adjustment Policy?

No. There is no price adjustment policy at Barnes & Noble, which means if you purchase a book at Barnes & Noble and later it is reduced in price, you wouldn’t get a refund on the book.

OK, how to save money when there is no price match or adjustment at Barnes & Noble?

Although it may be frustrating for you to know that Barnes & Noble does not match or adjust prices. But you can still save money at this retailer. There are some options like coupons for discounts, vouchers, and other forms of sales. Here are some ways to take advantage of this store:


Barnes & Noble occasionally unveils a coupon code for its consumers. As the coupon is only valid for a limited time, you can redeem it for discounts on your favorite books or other items.


Barnes & Noble also offers vouchers or gift cards as holiday gifts for shoppers who have bought their products before. This is a great way to save money, so if you are planning to buy something from this store, make sure you order it early enough to get a voucher/gift card that’s worth around the same value as what you want to purchase.


Barnes & Noble always has sales at different periods of the year, which means you’ll never miss a chance at savings on your favorite Barnes & Noble products.

Purchase using usually has lower prices as compared to Barnes & Noble Store. So if you find an item in their store, you can also look for the same item on their website, so you should buy it online if that is cheap. However, they offer some exclusive discounts at their store from time to time. So you should also make sure to check it for deals.

Barnes & Noble Mastercard:

It isn’t only a convenient card, but it also offers discounts in different ways. Such as:

  • Once you purchase or transfer some balance in your card, you will get a $25 Gift Card by Barnes & Noble as a Thank you gift.
  • On every dollar spend by using that card, you will get 2 points, and when these points reach 2,500 points, you get another $25 as a bonus.
  • Every time you spend on and Barnes & Noble Store, you get a 5% cashback.
  • Not only that, once your purchases reach $7,500 in a year, you get 12 months of Barnes & Noble membership.
  • There is no annual fee for Barnes & Noble Mastercard.

Shopping Tips at Barnes & Noble:

Here are some shopping tips for Barnes & Noble:

  1. Barnes & Noble often offers discounts and deals on its website. So make sure you check their site for coupons/deals before placing your order to save money.
  2. Barnes & Noble is a bookstore, so if you are looking for something specific, it will be better to visit the store instead of searching and other stores as they have different books from Barnes & Noble Store.
  3. If you find any Barnes & Noble coupons or vouchers to purchase your favorite book or Barnes & Noble gift cards, you should have a Barnes & Noble Mastercard as well to enjoy the discounts.
  4. If you are looking for Barnes and Nobles store locations, please visit their website or call them on this number: +1 201-559-3882.

Some Questions and Answers:

So in this article, you learned that Barnes & Noble doesn’t price match or adjust any items. But they have other ways to offer discounts to their consumers. Here are some questions and answers:

Does Barnes & Noble price match?

No, but they have other ways to offer discounts.

What are the other types of discounts that Barnes & Noble offers?

They often have promotions on books and devices such as Kindles!

Do Barnes & Noble offer discounts for Barnes & Noble Members?

Yes, they do! Get up to 20% off your first purchase, 40% off hardcovers, 10% off in-store purchases, and free shipping on all orders. It doesn’t matter how many or how few items you buy.

How do you become a Barnes & Noble Member?

You can join at checkout or online. They’ll send you an email with your account information when it’s activated.

How long does Barnes & Noble Membership last?

Barnes & Noble Membership is valid for one year, and then it automatically renews annually at the current membership rates. You can cancel your account anytime before that renewal date, with no penalties or fees deducted from any previous purchases.

What is Barnes & Noble Mastercard?

The Barnes & Noble Mastercard is a credit card that offers Barnes & Noble Members special discounts and can be used in Barnes & Noble stores or online at

Summary of this Article:

Thank you for reading about Barnes and Noble’s Price Match and price adjustment policies. Of course, Barnes & Noble doesn’t price match or price adjust, but it has many other ways to save money, like discounts or coup If you have any questions, please ask in the comments.

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