Tire Kingdom Price Match Policy: USA’s Large Tire Store’s Policies

The Tire Kingdom is a large tire store chain located primarily in the southern part of the United States. They are noted for their competitive prices and have been nationally recognized for their low prices through Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, and Tire Review. The Tire Kingdom offers items like tires, wheels alignment, brakes, alignment services, and more.

In this article, you will learn about Tire Kingdom’s Price Match and Price Adjustment Policies.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match?

Yes. It price matches the identical set of tires at any store in USA. To request a price match, you would have to bring the local advertisement of that low price from any competitors.

Does the Tire Kingdom Offer a Price Match Online?

No. They price match only in-store.

But I asked to confirm from their customer service.

Here is what they say:

“In order to match the price, a tire. You will be required to bring a quote from a direct competitor to any Tire Kingdom store.”

I asked them:

So does it mean it only price matches in-store?

They replied:

“That is correct, match price must be completed in-store.”

So if you are willing to request a price match online, you can’t as they do not allow that. But you have to go to their store for that.

Do they offer a Price Adjustment Policy?

No. They do not offer a price adjustment. I confirmed it from their customer service. Here is what they say:

“We do not have anything such as a price adjustment policy, tire prices change every day, it only depends on which price you get to purchase the tires.”

Price Match Criteria:

Like many other manufacturers who offer a price match, they have some criteria. Similarly, the Tire Kingdom also has criteria about their price matching:

  • The item for price match must be identical.
  • But not only identical, because these items are tires, they should also have the same brand, mileage, and speed ratings as the Tire Kingdom have to be eligible for a price match.

Price Match Process:

They have a price match process which is simple and talked about in this article earlier. But here is some more explanation for the price matching process:

  • They do not price match online, so you have to go to their store with the current local advertisement or the written estimate.
  • If your item is eligible, they will price match for you.


The exclusions at the Tire Kingdom are:

  • Online retailers are excluded from the price match.
  • Commercial or Fleet accounts are not eligible and are excluded.
  • The financing offers or the store card offers would not be price matched at the Tire Kingdom.
  • These offers are also excluded:
  1. Bundle offers
  2. Free items
  • Rebates, clearance items, or the out of stock items are not price matched.

Other Ways to Save Money on the Tire Kingdom:

They do not have a price adjustment policy. But the Tire Kingdom offers deals which you can use if you want their items at discounts.

So when I asked them how customers can save money with the Tire Kingdom?

They replied:

“We have deals, but coupons as such no, we have a section in our website only for the deals.”

Tire Kingdom Competitors’ List for Price Matching:

As the Tire Kingdom doesn’t have a specific list of competitors, they say they will price match any competitors if the items are identical and available.

Here is what their customer service replied:

“Regarding your question, we can price match any set of tires, but only the tires to the services, you would only need to bring the quote provided to you by the other store and bring it to one of our locations.”

What the Tire Kingdom has to offer?

The Tire Kingdom is one of the largest American tire stores and can be found primarily in the South. In 2000, it became a subsidiary of TBC Corporation. The Tire Kingdom has been selling tires for more than fifty years and offers various types of tires such as performance, light trucks, trailers/boats, agricultural farm equipment, and more.

The Tire Kingdom offers warranties on their tires. This warranty will cover damage that happens while you drive your car.

Their services include Roadside assistance service to help you if your vehicle needs immediate attention after breaking down in remote areas away from home; lifetime free rotation with purchase when purchased within 30 days following installation at the retail location. Wheel alignment check-up offered for, and tire rotation/balancing for a nominal fee.

Getting tires from the Tire Kingdom has many benefits, such as long-lasting tread and high-performance ratings that provide you with the best safety on your vehicle’s road.

With its 50 years of experience selling tires, it is no wonder why the Tire Kingdom is so popular!

If you are looking to purchase new or used tires at an affordable cost, visit one of their stores today!

Some Questions and Answers:

So you learned about Tire Kingdom’s price match and adjustment policies. But you may still have questions. Here are some questions and answers to help you more about this:

When was the Tire Kingdom founded?

The Tire Kingdom was founded in 1972.

Is the Tire Kingdom good for its tires?

The Tire Kingdom has a good reputation for the quality of its tires.

Summary of this Article:

In this article, we have talked about Tire Kingdom’s price match policies. By knowing and understanding these policies, you can make your shopping much easier. If you still have any questions, please ask in the comments section below.

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