Snow and Rock Price Match Price Adjustment and Return Policy

Snow+Rock was founded in 1982 by a small team of crazy, snow sports-obsessed individuals who saw an opportunity and thought they could do it better – they decided to take matters into their own hands. They’re proud of their history. Since opening their first shop on Kensington High Street, London, Snow+Rock has always been one step ahead in the world of winter sports.

Does Snow and Rock Price Match its Competitors?

Yes. They offer a price match policy.

Does Snow and Rock Price Match Online?

Yes. It offers a price match online. For request, you can contact their customer service, and they will verify and confirm.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the Snow and Rock?

Yes. Although the price adjustment isn’t explained on their page. But, I had to contact their customer service to know. Please don’t get confused if they call it a “Price Match” instead of a “Price Adjustment,” many stores do that. We will talk later about it in the article.

However, to request a price adjustment:

  • If you want more information on your Explore More Club, visit their website or talk to one of their in-store specialists.
  • You need to claim within 7 days of purchase.

Price Match Criteria:

Here are the price match criteria:

  • The product being compared must be identical in: a. Condition b. Style c. Year d. Specification e. Size f. Color
  • A promise of price matching may only be used against a UK VAT-registered business that has the product in stock and is ready for immediate purchase or delivery in-store or online.
  • Delivery costs will be included in the total price if comparing a product to an internet vendor.

Price Match Process:

If purchasing online:

You can also get quotes from competitors if they’re not the cheapest. If a lower price is found, don’t hesitate to contact their Customer Service Team with proof of the lower price. This may be, for example, a photocopy of an advertisement, a screengrab, or a link to a web page that the team may use to verify the price based on the Terms & Conditions below.

The more information you can give them, the faster and easier it will be for them to validate your price challenge and offer you the best deal possible. Only via their call center can prices be changed after being matched by the Best Price Guarantee.

If purchasing in-store:

Take a lower price (as per above) to a store and show it to a salesperson. Their in-store experts will verify the price match. If you don’t act quickly, you’ll lose your opportunity. As a result, an additional price match request will be required.

The price must be identical to the company’s price.


  • Sites that offer auctions, marketplaces, duty-free shopping, and sole traders are not eligible for the price match.
  • Excludes: Gift Vouchers, Services, Finance Schemes – 0% interest excluded, other alternatives still available

Price Adjustment Process:

It works the same as the price match. You can go through how to price match works above. The difference is that the price match is done before purchase, and price adjustment is made after the purchase.

Return Policy:

You may return items for a refund within 30 days after the order date. For their Explore More member, the period is extended by 100 days.

Visit one of their stores to replace or refund your purchases. For shipments sent by post, see the section below under “How to return by post.” They are unable to provide make-goods for items returned by mail. Please return the unwanted item and create a new purchase online to change an item.

Please login online and complete a return request for purchases made against your customer account. You can either return an item to the store or choose one of their low-cost postal partners’ services. For further information, see ‘How to return.’

All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original labels intact and in their original packaging. Please keep this in mind if you want to return any new or unused climbing gear or helmets purchased from a store after they have left their premises. This does not affect your consumer rights.

100 Day Returns:

Customers who purchase items may return them for a full refund within 100 days after the purchase date. This is 30 days for non-Explore More members. In addition, this benefit allows goods to be swapped in-store. (Products can’t be exchanged over the internet.)

Members who do not have their store receipt for in-store returns are not required to keep it after returning the item. To discover the original purchase on their system, they need to show their Explore More card or confirm their details in-store.

Please fill in and include the returns form, invoice, or your Explore More account information, including the products being returned and the reason for return, when returning items to their warehouse. You may obtain complete instructions on their website.

Some Questions and Answers:

So you learned about the Snow and Rock price match and price adjustment policy. But you may still have some questions. Here are some questions and answers:

When were Snow and Rock Founded?

It was founded in 1982.

What makes Snow and Rock so popular?

The company is popular because it offers a great variety of outdoor gear and clothing for both men and women. It also has a very user-friendly website that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

How do Snow and Rock compare to other outdoor retailers?

Snow and Rock is one of the leading outdoor retailers in the UK. It offers a great selection of products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

Summary of the Article:

Snow and Rock is a popular outdoor retailer in the UK that offers a great selection of products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. The company also has a very user-friendly website that makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Snow and Rock is one of the leading outdoor retailers in the UK.


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