HOM Furniture Price Match Price Adjustment and Return Policy

HOM Furniture is Minneapolis-based furniture and home décor shop that is among the top retailers in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Visit HOM Furniture yourself to learn why “There’s No Place Like HOM.”

HOM Furniture offers a price adjustment policy to its buyers. So, if you purchase an item and then within 30 days see that the competitor has lowered their price or HOM Furniture’s store lowers the price, they will adjust your original purchase to beat the new lower prices by 10%.

Does HOM Furniture Price Match its Competitors?

No. They do not offer a price match policy.

Does HOM Furniture Price Match Online?

No. The price match is not done online.

Is There Price Adjustment Policy at the HOM Furniture?

Yes. They offer a 30 days price adjustment policy.

Price Adjustment Criteria:

Only products that are equal in quality to those of top brands will be accepted, including availability, delivery, set-up, applicable local sales tax, and payment terms. All products must come in their original factory packaging–no factory seconds or discontinued products are allowed.

When you submit your request, they’ll start the process of confirming the price. they will compare the competitor’s pricing as well as any associated costs to provide comparable HOM services to establish their price. Price matches for the following purchase will be provided in the form of store credit for future purchases.

Mattresses have their event price tags.

Price Adjustment Process:

Here is the price adjustment process:

  • You can get a refund for the difference in price if you find the same item being offered at a lower price within 30 days of your purchase.
  • You can request a price adjustment.
  • Once they verify the lower price.
  • They will adjust the price and will refund you the difference.


  • There are no exclusions explained on their page.
  • But after sending them a few emails and asking what their exclusions are, here is their answer:
  • “Final priced, Bargain Shop, Youth Bedrooms… excluded from additional promotions.”

HOM Furniture Competitors’ List:

They do not have a specific price adjustment competitors list. But if you find an item at a lower price, make sure it is identical.

Return Policy:

  • If within the first week of purchase, you’re unhappy with your product for any reason whatsoever, HOM furniture will refund you in full or work to resolve the issue through an exchange or reselection of the product.
  • (Their policy on custom orders, flooring, mattresses, and clearance items, as well as design and delivery services, is the same.)
  • The HOM Furniture 7-Day “Love It Guarantee” is only valid for purchases of mattresses, mattress sets, pillows, mattress pads, sheets, or reverie adjustable bed bases. Mattresses may be covered by their 120 Night Comfort Guarantee.

Factory Direct Returns

If a product is returned by an online store for reasons other than damage or failure, the customer is subject to a 20% restocking fee and any associated shipping rates. If a shipment is refused, restocking fees and delivery costs are also charged. The product must be in new condition, with all parts included in the original carton, unassembled, and returned within 7 days of receipt.

Outbound and inbound shipping charges when returning an item to the vendor are the responsibility of the buyer.

HOM customers can return merchandise in two ways:

  1. You may return your goods to any HOM collection station. A 20 percent restocking fee will be charged, but shipping fees are not refunded.
  2. Return via a third-party service provider. There is a 20% restocking fee, as well as all shipping costs.

Factory Direct Cancellations

Cancellations on direct ship items are not allowed.


Please contact Factory Direct if you have any concerns about your purchase.

Custom Orders

A deposit of at least 40% is required for bespoke goods at the time you place your order. Custom order cancellations will result in a restocking fee of 40% of the total value of the canceled goods. This percentage of your deposit is not refundable or transferable.

Customer Pick-Up Policy

HOM Furniture will not load products into any car they believe is unsafe to transport your purchase. The buyer agrees to hold HOM Furniture, Inc., its employees, and/or agents harmless in the event of an accident, injury, or damage that occurs while transporting the aforementioned goods after my purchase, regardless of whether the seller, its staff, or agents assisted me in loading, tying down, or fastening it to my vehicle.

120 Night Comfort Guarantee Details:

  • A mattress cover is a key purchase to protect your investment in a new mattress.
  • A delivery exchange fee of $169.99 will be applied to all Comfort Guarantee exchanges.
  • Customers can make one trade per purchase with the 120-Night Guarantee. If the value difference between options is significant, it must be addressed. However, if the reselection is of lesser importance,
  • Refunds are not available at this time. The current rate will remain in effect, and past savings will no longer be recognized.


In order to receive a refund under the Comfort Guarantee, the product must meet these requirements:

  1. The item should be in good condition, with no soiled marks or stains.
  2. Mattresses must be free of smoke damage, pet hair, cuts, tears, rips, or burns. The Federal Law Label must be attached to the mattress.
  3. Products returned to pick-up centers must be properly repackaged to prevent damage.

Some Questions and Answers:

So you learned about the HOM Furniture price match and price adjustment policy. But you may still have some questions. Here are some questions and answers:

When was HOM Furniture Founded?

It was founded in 1973.

What makes HOM Furniture so popular?

The company has several things going for it. First, the prices are very competitive. Second, the quality of the furniture is very good. Third, HOM Furniture offers a wide range of furniture styles to choose from.

Summary of the Article:

HOM Furniture offers a competitive price match policy, as well as a 120-night comfort guarantee. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee, and custom orders can be canceled for a 40% fee. Delivery and pick-up options are available, but customers are responsible for ensuring their vehicles can safely transport their purchases.



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